Bellabondi’s Cafe Guide – Backstreets of Bondi Edition



Now a lot of you lovely people will know from my social media posts that I love coffee and have an addiction that I regularly acknowledge. My home coffee supply is lovingly made by my Bondi Barista (hubby) on this fab Italian Isomac machine we bought from Di Bartoli Coffee in Bondi Junction and we haven’t looked back.

Di Bartoli Isomac coffee machine and grinder. Love the Italians!!

But addicts need their fix between appointments, meetings and in the early morning to get through life so here are my faves off the beaten path in Bondi Beach where the coffee is strong and the vibe is fantastic (in no particular order):

  1. Gertrude and Alice – Dan the barista and the gorgeous team of people here at this chilled sanctuary regularly give me life early in the morning most days of the week. Serving Campos coffee and fantastic food, this is the perfect spot in Hall Street away from the beach if you want to get away from the crowds and sit in their bookshop amongst the amazing selection of books and stationery and disappear from the chaos. They also retail Campos coffee beans for home so I am always topping up my supply from these lovelies.

    Gertrude and Alice latte with beans by Campos and nails on fleek πŸ˜‰
  1. Bondi Wholefoods – This is a fab pit stop that I pop into after my workouts. Just up the road from Raw Bar on the corner of Hastings Parade and Wairoa, their coffee is fantastic, they are dog-friendly (very important) and their Paleo Bread with cashew cream is out of this world. Also they have a range of wholefood and organic supplies so you can pick up some groceries for home as you duck in for your caffeine fix.
  1. Bennett St Dairy – Post-Pilates this is one of my go-to cafes for a quick coffee by Luigi the Barista and the lovely team. Food is fab and coffee beans are by Pablo and Rustys. Very chilled vibe and they retail Pablo and Rustys coffee bean blends for home as well.

    Bennett St Dairy Macchiato with beans by Pablo and Rustys
  1. The Nine Sydney – in Glenayr Street this chilled establishment is always good for coffee and the food is fantastic. Make sure you try one of their tartine toasts for breakfast or brunch!! Coffee beans by Coffee Bondi Beach.
  1. The Health Emporium – another favourite Post-Pilates on Bondi Road with coffee by Single Origin Roasters. Coffee is available in retail packs as well with an amazing array of produce and wholefoods from some of favourites such as Star Anise Organic Wholefoods, Sonoma Baking Co and Iggys Bread and Sourdough.
  1. Early Morning Heart Starters – Vittoria heaven with Speedos from 6am and Porch and Parlour from 6.30pm with Will and Co beans. Essential for those days when you can’t sleep and extraordinary food at both locations.
The Health Emporium, coffee beans by Single Origin Roasters

I even had my MAJOR fan girl moment of all time when my gorgeous friend Drew and I were having breakfast and Mario Testino (who is my favourite fashion photographer) walked into Porch and Parlour looking for a table and we had some space at ours, so my friend Drew, who is so friendly and didn’t recognise him, invited him and his friend to sit at our table as we were finishing up our food. Well, he started talking to us and I was trying to be extremely cool and pretend I didn’t know who he was until he started admiring my necklace and I blurted out that I loved his work (so uncool, I know..good grief!!) We ended up having the best chat and my friend Drew ended up helping him (as he has his own PR company) with his photo shoot for the Vogue Australia April 2016 Edition and I was beyond star struck.

Porch and Parlour latte with beans by Will and Co

Hopefully you enjoy my local backstreet tips and let me know your favourite cafe in the comments section. Have a fabulous weekend!

  • Gertrude and Alice – 1/46 Hall Street, Bondi Beach – Open Daily from 7am –
  • Bondi Wholefoods – 1/30A Hastings Parade, Bondi Beach – Open daily from 7am –
  • Di Bartoli Home Barista Centre – 558 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction – Open from most days from 9am except Sunday –




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