Bellabondi’s Guide to Bordeaux – Europe Series

Bordeaux Marie Antoinette building

My Europe series continues with my current obsession for all things French with an outline of my short stay in Bordeaux. Well, I can’t wait to get back there as I barely scratched the surface and tasted all the wines on offer!!!

Chateau Haut Lafitte wine barrels5 filter

I chose Bordeaux as I was planning to stay in San Sebastian in Spain and it is a short jump to Bordeaux from there, so I drove up with my hubby after Barcelona as this wine region was calling our name.

We stayed at Les Sources de Caudalie which was an amazing hotel and we stayed in their location just away from the main building which is called Chateau de Thil. It seemed the whole of McLaren was staying there with all their drive cars. Unfortunately, due to this we were unable to get into their Michelin star restaurant and other restaurants and bars as I wasn’t organised and booked ahead, oh well, c’est la vie! But we were OK with that as there were so many other places I wanted to try in town so it gave us the incentive to tackle everything that Bordeaux central had on offer.

Pool - Les Sources de Caudalie
The indoor pool at Les Sources de Caudalie
The first night we went to Belle Campagne, a slow food restaurant specialising in local produce which was an amazing introduction to the region. The tartare de poisson (fish tartare) and the house gnocchi with fennel were fantastic entrees. Then to top it off, we had this amazing milk fed veal for 2 which was huge and we couldn’t look at dessert even though I am addicted to french style desserts.

Belle Campagne Bordeaux fish tartare Dish
Tartare de poisson entree from Belle Campagne
Belle Campagne Bordeaux Veal Dish2
Veal for two at Belle Campagne
Breakfast at Chateau de Thil was out of this WORLD with my favourite thing ever – croissants…it was hard to stop at 2 each morning!!

Chateau de Thil croissants1
Give me all of the CROISSANTS!!




We then headed out to explore the streets of Bordeaux and see the Bordeaux Cathedral and get an Italian style espresso (Black List cafe) and then it was off to a long lunch in town at Garopapilles.

Garopapilles amuse-bouche2
Amuse-bouche at Garopapilles Restaurant
This was perfection, a local restaurant full of Bordeaux locals and no menu you just decide how many courses you feel like and depending on what is in season, the chef builds the menu around that. This was stupendous and they have a bottle shop out the front so after lunch we were able to pick up a bottle to take back to our chateau (ha!) and the lovely staff also recommended a fromagerie (Tout un Fromage) close by to pick up some snacks for an aperitif later that evening as we knew we couldn’t manage dinner as well, after so many beautiful courses.

Garopapilles tuna tartare3 filter
Seared tuna masterpiece from Garopapilles
Early evening after the beautiful lunch at Garopapilles, we organised a tour of the winery that is adjacent to Les Sources de Caudile which was so interesting with some highlights outside of the wine being that they have their own cooper (barrel maker) onsite and the fantastic sculptures throughout the vineyards including their centrepiece of a rabbit by English sculptor Barry Flanagan. Also, we got a exclusive look at their private cellar which was AMAZEBALLS! We went back to our room in the Chateau and had fromage and a white wine from Chateau Haut Lafitte with some red vino that we bought with us and watched the sun go down over the beautiful gardens of Chateau de Thil. A perfect day really!!

Chateau de Thil Hallway2
#chateaulife at Chateau de Thil
Let me know what your French obsessions are in the comments lovelies. Merci beaucoup!!

Garopapilles Cherry meringue dessert2
Cherry and meringue dessert from Garopapilles – SO GOOD!








Garopapilles Fish main with mushrooms asparagus4 with wine & hands

Chateau de Thil croissants4









  • Les Sources de Caudalie
  • Chateau de Thil


  • Garopapilles
  • Belle Campagne
  • Black List Cafe
  • Tout un Fromage


  • Wine tasting at Chateau Haut Lafitte
  • Le Wine Bar









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