The Pacific Club Bondi Beach – New Restaurant Review – Breakfast

The Pacific Logo

Anybody that knows me knows I LOVE a booth and fabulous interior design, so that was enough to draw me in for a recovery breakfast post-City to Surf and see what this new Bistro and Beach Club was like in The Pacific Building. But does it have the goods to back up this beautiful decor, in short the answer is YES!

The Pacific Club opened this weekend but first let me start with the decor, in a word SPECTACULAR! I love a bistro vibe and this is LUXE but casual and comfortable enough to pop in at anytime for a meal or coffee. This restaurant has been designed by Michael McCann, so enough said if you have seen his work at Victor Churchill Butchery or Mr Wong but the decor is very similar to my place here in Bondi – blond wooden floorboards, mosaic tiles, brass metalwork, gorgeous cushions and linens. Luxe with a beach casual vibe seems to be the brief and I am OBSESSED with the fit out. (Check out my current Insta stories to see a video of this gorgeous decor!).

But you know that is not enough for me, it’s got to have the goods to back it up – food, service and beverage wise. Well, I popped in for a coffee and light breakfast and it was EXCELLENT!! I cannot wait to go and try all options from the all day dining menu and I can see that it will become my local regular through the upcoming spring and summer months.

The Pacific Club coffee
Superb coffee for this caffeine addict!

I sat near the kitchen up the back of the restaurant, as I was feeling a bit sore and sorry for myself from doing the run yesterday (and it was chilly this morning, so it was a cosy and warm spot – essential for me!) You can tell the kitchen has a fabulous professional vibe and the equipment, well I wanted to get in there and start cooking!! Headed up by Bret Cameron (ex-Harvest Newrybar) and alumni from Fratelli Paradiso, you know it’s going to be great!. I spotted a wood fire grill that looked custom built in the kitchen and looking at the breakfast menu, there is a leaning towards native and seasonal produce that kicks off in this all day venue from 7am with a fantastic start to the day. With lunch and dinner available, and (hallelujah!) reservations can be made online, so the convenience factor is great if you are time poor like me and you don’t like queuing to get into a restaurant or not getting a table when you want it.

The Pacific Breakfast with filter2
This quince and apple jam was next level and I inhaled the toast!!

Today I ate the Sourdough with butter, quince and apple jam and you can tell the quality of the produce from a simple meal like this and well, the coffee you know I’m addicted so it had to be good and it was perfect!

The Pacific Club, I will be back for breakfast, lunch and dinner, coffee and cocktails with friends. It’s so important to support local businesses down at the Beach as they can struggle through the winter months if the locals aren’t on board…so my advice to you is pop in for a coffee or cocktails and do some small dishes and you will love it as much as I did on my first visit.

Have a fabulous week!


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